What We Do

We started out as caterers producing very good food combined with top class service for all types of events. It started with family events and over the years we’ve focused on weddings. When it’s the most important day of someone’s life, it teaches you to listen to what they want and give them the best day possible. Businesses operate the same way, and the standard of any event reflects on the hosts. Whether it’s a formal dinner for 500 or outdoor catering for a family barbecue in the garden. Let’s make it the best event possible. We pride ourselves in having absolute attention to detail, being unobtrusively professional, having a highly organised team, and knowing the importance of great brand image.

What sort of events?

…and so much more!

Event Catering and Planning Service - North West


Party Planning

If you are planning a party and don’t know where to start, why not ask for help? We do all types of events from private family birthdays to corporate events to huge fundraising gala dinners, inside and outside catering for 10 to 1,000 people across the North West including Cumbria, Cheshire and Lancashire.

We find the venue, organise the marquee, source the luxury loos, find the entertainment, power generation and all the hundred and one things that need doing when orchestrating an event.

Karen Rhodes Event Catering & Party Organiser North West

Expert Contractors

We started out as caterers providing excellent food for weddings and private parties. As we gained experience we were asked to provide marquees and loos and this as grown into complete event management.

We source all the contractors relying heavily on our extremely good relationships with:

  • Various marquee companies
  • Lighting and power generation
  • Fantastic bands and entertainers

… so that you have the reassurance that we will supply you with people we know will do a really good job.

We provide you with a full planner from booking, right through to the day of the event.
It covers:

  • what’s happening
  • when it’s happening
  • who’s doing it
  • and when they are doing it

We offer really good advice, rather than just trying to sell you something you don’t want or need. That said if we really think you need something. Likewise if we know something isn’t going to work, we’ll tell you. Although obviously the final decision always rests with you.

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Marquees and Indoor Liners

There are many different types of marquees all suitable for different purposes. There is your classic marquee which can have a formal corporate feel or can be transformed into a magical extravaganza. There are Bedouin tents that are great for parties, with their rugs and low sofas and also yurts which are simply a frame but can look amazing. The latest trend are teepees which give a great atmosphere, have a fire burning in the centre and just give a very different feel.

Another great idea if you have a warehouse, factory, barn or large garage is to line it like the inside of a marquee. It’s fairly easy to do, far more cost effective and more often than not your guests won’t have a clue.

When organising a marquee and outdoor catering we:

  • Carry out a site visit to get the very best layout in relation to the venue.
  • Give you a floor plan with a to scale drawing
  • Colour co-ordinate the carpets, swags, chairs etc
  • Organise the furniture, bar, dance floor.
  • Arrange luxury loos

Event Marquees - Cheshire, Cumbria, North West

Outdoor Event Marquee & Catering - Cumbria, Lake District

Lighting Power Generation and Sound

Lighting can change a marquee or venue from beautiful to absolutely stunning. We use specialist lighting companies and music industry sound technicians. We often receive artist’s riders and provide the required sound & light along with a complete backline if required.

Event Lighting, Power and SoundParty Marquee & Catering - Cheshire, North West UK