Drinks Service & Glassware

If you’re hiring a venue or marquee and you want the flexibility of providing your own drinks, then that’s exactly what we can do. 

We’ll help with setting up and serving the welcome drinks following the ceremony , topping up the wine & water throughout the meal and pouring the fizz for speeches, whether this is before or after the wedding breakfast.

Alternatively, you can source the drinks service with an alternative company (usually the company providing your evening bar works best) and our team will focus on the food service only. 

Chilling Drinks

The easiest and most efficient way to chill a large amount of drink for a large wedding is to hire a fridge trailer. This gets delivered the day before the wedding, all your drink for the day can be loaded into it and it will be collected after the wedding. Please request our price list if you are interested.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting a more cost effective option then it’s back to old school chilling in buckets of ice. This is not something that’s included in our service as we’re simply not on site early enough on the day. Rope in your groomsmen, get it all chilling in the morning and get loads of ice to top it up throughout the day.

Bottle Removal Service

If you’re providing the drinks throughout the day and evening you will need to think about bottle removal as the empties can soon add up. You can either hire a skip for the weekend which usually works out the most hassle free option or make some trips to the recycling centre.

If you are hiring someone to provide a licensed cash bar and they are bringing the alcohol, you should expect them to take their rubbish away.

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