About Us

Where It All Started

My parents Karen & Phil started Karen Rhodes Weddings & Events back in 1992 when I was only a baby. Mum presumed that as weddings only cover one day, with a bit of planning she could easily fit this around a small baby.  How wrong can you be!  Weddings take over your whole life, you are emotionally connected to the bride and her family for usually well over a year and are involved in nearly every decision made.  You become their confidant and they become your friend.

The business has evolved from small dinner parties out of my Grandad’s pub, the Hare and Hounds at Bowland Bridge to weddings of all shapes and sizes and even corporate events up to 1000 guests.

Team Rhodes

THE Karen Rhodes (or Mum/Kaz to her nearest and dearest)
Although Mum sadly passed away in May 2020, she is our ultimate inspiration behind everything we do. Her sheer determination and zest for life is what continues to drive us to be the best we can be.

Apart from her shared love of horses with Lucy, she loved to travel and her passion for great food often came from trips abroad. Her favourite trips were Nice enjoying a simple salad niçoise and a chilled glass of Provence rose, Antipasti and Prosecco in Venice, skiing in Courchevel where she always overindulged in desserts (in Kaz’s own words, no one can make desserts like the French!) or in recent years Cava and Paella on the Sunshine Tour with Lu & the girls.

Phil ‘aka’ Dad
Dad is by far the most likeable member of the family and makes friends easier than anyone I’ve ever met. Always chatty, willing to do anything to help anyone and definitely the most practical when it comes to weddings and events. Not every wedding venue is straightforward and that’s where we couldn’t do it without Dad. From access to electrics, heating, toilets, lighting, risk assessments, sound projection (the list goes on!) he’s the expert.

Phil’s downsides have to be that he’s beyond useless at answering his phone or replying to e-mails so if anyone needs him and wants a quick reply definitely use me as his PA.

I joined the business eleven years ago and I absolutely love what I do. If you enquire for a wedding or an event you usually speak to me as I put together all the quotations and run the day to day bookings.

My main passion is travel and at any opportunity I’ll have the office number redirected to my mobile and be working remotely from somewhere sunny.

I also have a huge passion for food and if you’re splashing out on your dream wedding, being able to have exactly what you want. It infuriates me when I hear of venues/hotels giving clients the option of menu 1, 2 or 3 and no options to personalise it when it’s often just as easy!

Lucy Pickle
Lucy’s passion is horses and her ultimate dream is to be able to compete professionally full time. In the meantime she’s working part time for us and is really great at what she does. Always chatty, very particular (we call her mini hitler!) and often has list after list of jobs for all of us. Lucy’s motto has always been that I earn the money for her to spend!

Lucy competes at as many national shows as possible and also competes in Spain in February/March for 6 weeks. She’s brilliant and if anyone is looking for a rider we encourage you to take her off our hands!!


The Girls

Lucy is passionate about showjumping and tends to spend every Sunday competing around the UK. She has 3 horses which she competes, Valerie, Kalia and Pippa who are based up in Windermere with better views of the Lake District than us!

The Boys

You may often hear us refer to “the boys” who are with us most days in the office. Charlie the German Shepherd, Jerry the Border/Jack Russell (or similar – we aren’t really sure what Jerry is!) & Teddy the Miniature Dachshund.