Tips for the Groom

The Proposal

If you are going to propose, just do it and don’t faff around.  its excruciatingly painful watching someone pluck up the courage to propose, waiting for the perfect moment that never seems to come.  Just bloody do it!

Ask permission.  I know it sounds old-fashioned but brides dads like to be asked.  Even if you asked him after you have already proposed he doesn’t need to know, unless you are doing it at a family party or public event, then you definitely need to ask him first.

If you are doing it at a public event, you need to be pretty sure she will say yes.  Its pretty embarrassing if it comes totally out of the blue and she isn’t ready.  Another good reason to ask dad as he may just know the score.

The Night Before

Number one and very important! Don’t get slaughtered the night before your wedding.  I’ve had a number of grooms over the last few weeks that absolutely reek of alcohol on the morning of the wedding.  As I often have to pin on the buttonhole, I probably have to get a bit closer than most but can’t think of anything worse than smelling of last nights drink on your wedding day.  This goes for the best man and ushers, because if one of them has had too many, they probably all have!  Brides, have a word with the batsman beforehand!

The Planning

Pick your best man wisely.  He doesn’t necessarily need to be your best mate, its more important that he is the best man for the job.  He doesn’t have to be a great public speaker or the worlds funniest guy but you do need to know you can trust him to look after your best interests and know he won’t let you down.

If you aren’t the sort of guy who is remotely interested in the colour of the napkins or whether they match the flowers, don’t turn into one now. Equally do show some interest in whats going on and if you are asked, have an opinion.  it always helps if your opinion is pretty much what your wife to be thinks too.

If you are planning on a hair cut, have it a week or two before the wedding.  Nothing looks worse than the look that says to everyone,’I’ve just had my hair cut’.  Likewise if you shave your head, do it a day or two before as it can look particularly shiny in the photographs if you do it on the day.

On The Day

Take the stickers off your shoes. Nothing looks more ridiculous than kneeling at the altar with stickers saying £9.99 from Timpsons showing for all to see.

If you are worried about your speech, hate the thought of standing up in front of everyone, remember yours is the easiest.  if you start off by saying the immortal words ‘ On behalf of my wife and I’, everyone will cheer you on and you only have to thank the main people (have a list in case you forget anyone), hand out a few gifts and tell everyone how beautiful your wife looks.  job done!

Even if you are pretty confident and used to public speaking, don’t get complacent. Make sure you have something written down, even if its just bullet points.  It’s amazing how many time the groom stands up and goes completely blank.  Think about what you want to say, make some notes, look up and speak out.  Remember everyone is on your side and you don’t need to impress anyone.  Speak from the heart.

FINALLY ; Don’t get pissed on your wedding day.  Have a few drinks, enjoy every minute but don’t get legless.  Need I say more?? !!