Fun Tips for Brides

  • Don’t try and over co-ordinate the colour scheme.  With the best will in the world you can’t totally match the shade of your rose petals with the chair covers, the bridesmaids dresses and the icing on the cake.  Contrast is sometimes better than trying to achieve a perfect match.

Wedding tips for brides - venue

  • On the day of the wedding ‘let it go’.  Everything is in the hands of the people you’ve trusted to do your wedding so let them get on with it.  Enjoy your day and let your chief bridesmaid and the bestman deal with any trivialities
  • If you are having your wedding cake as dessert make sure its a really good one.  Chocolate and sponge cake can be very dry so make sure you try some first and provide some cream, fruit and coulis to dress it up.  Don’t automatically expect your meal to be cheaper because you are using the cake.  They still have to provide staff, plates, cutlery, garnish etc.  The actual ingredients are the very least of the cost.

Wedding cake

  • If you are planning on wearing heels at your wedding make sure you take some with you when trying on wedding dresses.  You won’t normally have bought your wedding shoes at this stage but you’ll have an idea of the type of shoes you are comfortable in.  Also make sure you wear decent underwear.  Its always an embarrassing moment when you strip off and realise you are wearing dingy grey knickers!
  • Choose your menu according to the season.  Its very easy when you are planning a wedding in January to choose hearty winter dishes then realise you’ve made a poor choice once the sun comes out.
  • Make sure you have realistic expectations.  So many brides take the blinkered view that its not going to rain on their wedding day and end up being really disappointed.  It doesn’t matter what time of year you get married in, there is a fairly good chance that it might rain.  Plan for the worst and if its fine its a bonus.
  • Make sure you know whose wedding it is.  If your parents are paying its understandable that they will want some input but make sure that they aren’t trying to make it the wedding day they didn’t have! If they won’t see reason it may be that you have to have a much smaller wedding and finance it yourself.
  • If you know you aren’t going to be bothered about something a week after the wedding don’t make an issue of it now. Its very easy to get stressed about the little things but try and keep things in perspective and acknowledge that some things really aren’t worth the effort of stressing over them.  The day goes so fast its over in a blink of an eye so enjoy every minute.  Put your trust in the people you’ve booked and let them get on with it.

FINALLY – Be prepared to compromise but never ever compromise if you’ve set your heart on something and know you’ll always regret it x

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