Special Diets

Over the last ten years there has been a massive increase in the number of celiacs, food allergies, lactose intolerant and also those requiring a vegetarian or vegan diet.


When we first started catering there were perhaps a handful of requests for gluten free meals every year. Recently more and more celiacs have been diagnosed as well as those that simply feel better by eliminating wheat from their diet.

We do our very best to provide as much as we possibly can gluten free to ensure that if you are suffering then you should at least eat well. We make all or own soups and sauces and it’s no trouble whatsoever to provide them for you or your guests gluten free. We use gluten free flour and potato flour and there is very little we can’t do.

Finger buffets are usually a nightmare for a celiac with everything being bread or pastry. We recently made a gluten free quiche for a client, who was nearly in tears as she hadn’t had pastry for ten years. You’d have thought we had cooked her a fillet steak!

Food Allergies

Everything we make is made from scratch so if you have an allergy to a particular ingredient let us know as it’s no problem to leave it out.


Although being a vegetarian is far from unusual today, lots of chefs just don’t make the effort and you find yourselves over and over again getting second rate food. It’s even worse if you are a vegan as there are less ingredients to work with. We get lots of letters from grateful guests who really appreciate someone making a special effort to give them a delicious meal. If you have any favourite dishes you’d like us to prepare just let us know.