Jo & Simon

Well what can we say about this wedding. Having known the family before the wedding planning, we knew this wedding would be a lot of fun!

The ceremony took place at a local church close to the Bride’s parents house and with the help of very talented family friend florist, it looked spectacular.


Guests arrived back at the house to a champagne & canapé reception in a stunning Millennium Marquee.

IMG_5845 IMG_5840

The speeches were first followed by the below menu:

Twice Baked Cheese Souffle with a Champagne Sauce

Served with Mixed Leaves


Fillet of Beef with a Rich Madeira Jus

Set on a Horseradish Pomme Puree

Served with Spring Vegetables


Assiette of Mini Desserts


Coffee and Chocolate Fudge

Later on in the evening, the lighting provided by SVL Hire came into it’s own. If you’re looking at creating a different look between day and night, this is the way to do it.


Evening guests arrived and were greeted with a glass of champagne and a spring barbecue.

To top off the night, at midnight, everyone had a Newspaper Cone of Chips.

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Marquee: Millennium Marquees

Lighting, Power & Sound: SVL Hire

Photography: Helen Mitchell-Hunter

Portable Toilets: Border Loos