Status Quo Concert

On behalf of Rotary Club of Windermere can I thank you for your generous support for helping us stage Rock On Windermere.

The event was a tremendous success and we believe that our objectives were well and truly achieved, in that we certainly demonstrated that Cumbria was open for business.  The local hospitality and retail business benefitted from well over 5000 people who attended and I am pleased to say our current estimates indicate that we will have raised in excess of £25,000.00 for Cumbria Flood Relief and other charities which we as Rotary support.

We are extremely grateful for your help, as without your contribution, we would not have been able to bring Rock on Windermere to the town.

Thank you very much

Michael Blackledge

President Rotary Club of Windermere

17th/18th/19th June 2016