Jenny & Wayne McMillen

Sorry its taken so long to get this to you!  First and foremost thank you! I’m sure there are a plethora of things you guys did that I’m oblivious to but I know a few things for sure.

The food was amazing as we already knew from Christmas, something we’ll definitely be doing again.  Not only did our guests comment on how lovely it was, especially the chocolate fudge with the coffees but Wayne barely talked about anything else other than how much he was enjoying his meal throughout the whole thing.

The tables looked amazing and it meant the world to me that you were trying to make it work as best as possible and still asked me if that was ok.

The cocktails were a huge talking point of the day and have been mentioned at pretty much any social gathering we’ve been to since so thank you for those and for your help in terms of recommendation and ingredients etc, the half a glass I did manage to steal in amongst the photos was amazing.

Finally thank you for your compliments on the day.  For someone who sees so many weddings it does mean a lot.  It really gave me a boost on the day.

So finally, thank you for everything, you guys are great at what you do and I hope we see you at Christmas.

All our love

 21st June 2014 – Silverholme