Sporting Events

People at a summer sports event

Keep the excitement and adrenaline going at every stage of your sporting event with top-notch sports catering and event management. From nutritious pre-game breakfasts to build up your football team’s strength, to celebration (or commiseration) feasts and mid-match nibbles, our sports catering covers every foodie need you can think of.

The atmosphere around every sporting event is electric. The refreshments on offer are a big part of that culture, which is why you want to offer your players and supporters an amazing culinary experience. At Karen Rhodes, we have an in-depth knowledge of running exhilarating sporting events at any number of venues. From the sidelines of race courses to golf clubhouses and cricket pavilions, we can cater to any sporting location and event.

Our flexible service means that we can work with in-house and external teams to provide full catering, or run the entire event ourselves, leaving you free to talk tactics and run training. With 30 years of experience in catering and event management, you can be sure that your event is in good hands.

Sporting Event Catering

Game day food is a big part of any sporting event and we love the iconic treats as much as the next sports fan. We provide a classy twist on traditional favourites so that popular foods are elevated and brought to new heights of tastiness. Your fans and team mates won’t be disappointed!

The uniqueness of every sport means that each event will call for different styles of food, and we’re more than happy to provide! Get your fresh strawberries and cream for a sunny afternoon of tennis, cream teas and gourmet nibbles for a day at the races, or tasty sliders and chicken wings for the football.

Whether you’re hosting a fell running race in Cumbria, a cricket match in Lancashire or a rugby game in Cheshire, we’ll be there to make your event the best it can be. Get in touch today for more information.