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The Venue

Town Head

Number of Guests


Emma and George

Emma & George celebrated their big day at Town Head and it was magical!

They started the day with canapés for all their guests while they enjoyed a drink after the ceremony.

The canapés choices were EPIC

Mozzarella & Pesto Arancini
Asparagus, Minted Pea & Feta Tartlets
Honey & Mustard Sausages with Honey Mustard Mayo
Sweet Potato Bites, Spicy Avocado (VE)

For their wedding breakfast Emma & George chose a classic menu which was just spectacular. It was simple but so bloody tasty! (even if we do say so ourselves!)

They ensured their guests with special diets didn’t miss out and took time and effort to work with our team to adapt their main menu in order for guests to all feel like they were getting the same experience. There is nothing worse than going to a wedding and sitting next to someone who has a delicious dessert and you get a fruit salad because no one planned out your vegan dessert! We can make vegan lemon tarts and even vegan sticky toffee pudding. – I mean.. WINNER!!

Take a look at Emma & George’s Menu below…

Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Bruschetta
Prosciutto, Wild Garlic Pesto & Fresh Rocket
Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Bruschetta (vegetarian)
Avocado, Wild Garlic Pesto & Fresh Rocket
Avocado, Beef Tomato, Basil & Pine Nut Salad (vegan & gluten free)
Basil Dressing & Fresh Rocket

Baskets of Home-made Breads

Pan Roast Chicken Breast (gluten free)
Fondant Potato, Celeriac Puree
Truffle Green Beans
Roast Chicken Jus

Roasted Vegetable Wellington (vegetarian & vegan)
Fondant Potato, Celeriac Puree
Truffle Green Beans
Chasseur Sauce

Extra jugs of Roast Chicken Jus & Chasseur Sauce

Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Curd (vegetarian)
Fresh Raspberries & Pistachios
Lemon Tart, Lemon Curd (vegan, gluten free)
Fresh Raspberries & Pistachios

Emma & George chose a classic plated menu which worked so well as they chose long tables which sometimes can we tricky if you choose a sharing meal. Sometimes with long tables you can get all the food passed one direction so some people end up with all the food and the other end sometimes runs out… Long tables lend themselves perfectly to plated meals as everyone gets a plate and their isn’t anyone missing out!

Plated meals work well with long tables as you can see from the photo below the flowers, glasses and wine fill most of the centre of the table leaving no food for sharing items e.g. bowls, dishes and platters!

In the evening they chose to use our Vintage Trailer for Pizzas! The vintage trailer is situated down by the marquee at the bar area and is there for guests to go upto and help themselves to a slice or 2 of pizza.

We recommend 3 flavours of pizzas, usually 1 meat, 1 veggie and then one other just to cater for all guests. We can provide gluten free bases and vegan cheese for guests with special diets.

Emma & George chose

Pizza choices

Margherita, Ham & Mushroom and Nduja, Pepperoni, Buffalo Mozzarella & Fresh Rocket – YUM!