Without a doubt, 2022 and 2023 have been extraordinarily busy for weddings as the wedding industry has been playing catch-up after endless setbacks imposed by the pandemic. But now weddings are back in full swing, food for weddings should be a main priority for your wedding planning and is perhaps one of the most personal elements of your big day. Below we have collated a list of the top ten wedding food and wedding drink trends we can expect to see in 2024. Read on to find inspiration for your own customised wedding menus.

Locally sourced food

This year has seen a rise in popularity of locally sourced food at weddings and we can expect to see regional wedding foods continue to dominate wedding menus in 2024. We love this ethically conscious trend and hope to see more couples opting for locally sourced food options for their wedding whether for the wedding breakfast or the evening wedding food.

Choosing to serve locally sourced food at your wedding supports farmers, producers and businesses local to your wedding venue which is hugely significant in rural areas like Cumbria! Other benefits of sourcing food locally for your wedding include delectable seasonal flavours, guaranteed quality and lower carbon miles.

Charcuterie boards and grazing tables

Sharing is back and we are absolutely here for it! With social distancing out the window, sharing boards, grazing tables and charcuterie boards have been welcomed back by wedding venues and wedding caterers across the UK. A large charcuterie board or grazing table catering option is best suited for evening wedding food and on-the-go eating.

Some of the best grazing table and charcuterie board foods are bite sized nibbles, meats, cheese, fruits, olives and crackers. This is of course entirely customisable and can be adapted to include an eye-catching assortment of some of your favourite charcuterie board meats, cheeses and all-time-favourite snacks. A wedding grazing table is a completely unique food display that will leave a lasting impression on all but will most importantly keep your peckish guests satisfied.

Dessert tables

On the idea of sharing boards, wedding dessert tables are on track to soar in popularity in 2024 for and are the ideal wedding treat for sweet-toothed couples. Wedding dessert tables and stations are sure to draw the attention of your guests so it’s important to ensure that it compliments your wedding theme and style.

Some wedding dessert table ideas include cupcake displays, doughnut wall stands, macaron wedding favours, popcorn stalls and sweets for wedding receptions. Wedding dessert tables are both are both delicious and a statement piece for any wedding.

Nostalgic treats

Another trend for food at weddings that is on the rise is serving nostalgic and family favourite foods. Perhaps you have a few certain wedding food ideas in mind that have a special place in your heart. Maybe a family celebration isn’t complete without a homage to a relative’s iconic jam roly poly or retro prawn cocktail dish? A nostalgic wedding food item might make your day just that little bit more memorable and is a great addition to any wedding menu.

Bespoke wedding cocktails

What better way to spice up your wedding cocktail menu than inventing some creative wedding cocktail names. Signature cocktails for weddings are a great way of personalising your wedding menu. Maybe you’ll name your bespoke wedding cocktails after the place you met, a favourite holiday destination or even a beloved family pet. The options are endless so have fun with it!

You don’t have to go crazy with your wedding drink menu. We suggest naming 3 to 4 wedding signature cocktails that are either available at a hired bar or for guests to help themselves to. It’s important to make sure your wedding cocktail menu has something for everyone, so why not include a non-alcoholic wedding cocktail or mocktail.

Prosecco wall

Nothing quite says ‘let’s celebrate’ like a glass of bubbly! While it has been a traditional custom for decades to raise a glass of fizz during wedding reception speeches, the prosecco wall is a recent wedding novelty that has increased in popularity over recent years. A prosecco wall stand is a quirky spin on tradition and decorative way to greet guests upon arrival or as drinks for wedding receptions.

Prosecco walls and other drink station wedding options are often sought after for large weddings as they can be conveniently made ahead of time. But those glasses won’t fill themselves! A great wedding caterer will ensure your drinks are topped up throughout the day.

Food trucks

Another up-and-coming wedding food trend for 2024 is providing a food trailer on your wedding day. Food vans are a perfect alternative wedding food catering option for outdoor wedding receptions or laid-back weddings in general. You’ll build up an appetite on the dancefloor, so it’s a great idea to have an evening wedding food truck as a quick pitstop for you and your wedding guests to refuel.

Some of our favourite wedding catering van options include a wedding pizza van and wedding street food which is easy to share and convenient to eat in hand.

Wedding BBQs

If laid-back is your vibe, you’ll like the next trend on our list of wedding food ideas. A wedding BBQ is a simple way of impressing your guests on a budget without scrimping on flavour!

A BBQ wedding menu can be as versatile as you desire, catering for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. From classic burgers and pulled pork buns to veggie skewers and pulled jackfruit, your scrumptious BBQ wedding food will go down a treat.

Classic wedding canapés

While wedding food trends come and go, classic canapés are still one of the most-loved wedding foods to date and they don’t appear to be going out of fashion any time soon. Wedding canapés are an ideal appetiser to satisfy guests until the main banquet. The best canapé ideas are delicate bite-sized nibbles brought out on canapé plates that can be enjoyed with a glass of champagne whilst your guests mingle.

Wedding canapés don’t have to be posh. There are plenty of simple canapé recipes out there from filo pastry canapés to traditional smoked salmon canapés. Most wedding canapé catering vendors offer an extensive list of different canapé recipes to choose from, so you are sure to find something that pleases everyone.

Alternative wedding cakes

Our final wedding food trend for 2024 is unique wedding cake alternatives. That’s right, engaged couples today are turning their back on the outdated wedding cake and are opting for an array of quirky alternatives instead.

Our favourite rising alternative to the traditional wedding cake is the cheese wedding cake. Made by stacking wheels of your favourite cheese on top of one another, swap sweet for savoury and enjoy an impressive cheese wedding cake on your special day. Although not for everyone, this is perhaps one of the most unique alternative wedding cake options out there!