About Us

I thought it would be a nice idea if I told you a little bit about me and my family so that you feel that you know us all.  We started in the wedding business twenty eight years ago when our oldest daughter was just a baby.  I figured that as weddings only cover one day with a bit of planning I could easily fit this around a small baby.  How wrong can you be!  Weddings take over your whole life, you are emotionally connected to the bride and her family for usually well over a year and are involved in nearly every decision made.  You become their confidant and they become your friend.


I am married to Phil who deals with all the logistical side of the business, usually marquees, loos, lights, generators and music.  We been married for thirty one years and worked together for most of that time.  Funnily enough on a day to day basis we very rarely see each other or spend any time together so that works well.


Charlotte our older daughter joined the business eleven years ago and is making a name for herself as an event planner.  She decided that she didn’t want to go to university but it was a blessing in disguise as she absolutely loving what she does and is exceptionally good at it.

Lucy our younger daughter is currently working for us part time and is making a name for her self in doing a showjumping but still helps on a Saturday when we have a wedding or event.  Her logic is that Charlotte earns the money and she helps spend it!


We tend to go away at Christmas and love Thailand and the Far East partly because we can only go away outside the wedding season and secondly we love the weather, the food and the people.  We also love Venice, Italy and France and usually go away for a few days during the summer.  Our other passion is skiing and we tend to go to France, mainly for the snow but also for the great food.



Lucy our younger daughter is passionate about showjumping so we tend to spend every Sunday competing around the UK. She has 3 horses which she competes, Valerie, Kalia and Pippa.


We all love Mediterranean food, everything from Greek meze to Spanish tapas.  We don’t particularly care for Michelin star restaurants although having worked in catering for so long we can appreciate the effort that goes into it.